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The Millennials Project is a 501 (c)(3) certified nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering women. The organization was founded by Christian Guerrier, a self-described male feminist who was born and raised in Haiti. Today, Guerrier lives in Miami, Florida.

The Millennials Project consists of talented individuals who are committed to ending violence against women by educating others about ways to create an equal playing field for both sexes.

To accomplish our goal, we have created a plan to target the millennial generation, which is made up of individuals born between the years 1979 and 2000. People of the millennial generation are more often confident, collected, tech-savvy and open to change.


Anyone can participate in The Millennials movement. First and foremost, The Millennials Project, Better Men campaign is about awareness.  People interested in contributing to the project can be ambassadors to the cause by purchasing our t-shirts to spread the word virally and verbally. We want to inspire others to be part of our movement, and we will do it through music, art, viral videos and social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

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Opinion: Teachers with guns is a crazy idea

With manual labor but a memory for most Americans, we have even fewer opportunities to enact rituals of manhood in the way our ancestors did. The strongest caveman may have led the tribe, but who are the masters of today's universe? A bunch of skinny, pasty kids who spend their days staring at computer screens. Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg may not be able to best you at arm-wrestling, but they could buy and sell you a thousand times over.
We have to find reassurance where we can, so even if we can't prove our masculinity on the job and our kids won't listen to us, there is a way to feel that testosterone surge through our bodies. Whatever else you think about guns, no one who has ever held one can deny that they make you feel potent and strong. You don't even need to fire it to appreciate its power -- just holding it is enough. So if watching your fantasies play out on TV doesn't quite scratch that itch, you can enact them yourself down at the range -- or get a concealed carry permit, and convince yourself that the only reason you're not Jack Bauer is that the right opportunity hasn't yet presented itself.
Here's something you may not realize: Gun ownership has been declining for decades. According to the University of Chicago's General Social Survey, in 1977, 54% of American households had guns. By 2010, the number had fallen to 32%. Yet gun sales are at record highs. That means that existing gun owners are buying more and more guns. It's not enough to have a hunting rifle over your mantle; you need an entire arsenal, just in case the government falls, society disintegrates, and you have to protect your cave -- sorry, your home -- from the marauding hordes.
That's exactly what the gun manufacturers want you to think, so you keep buying. They know that hunting will never again be the pastime it once was, and as more Americans move from rural areas to the suburbs and cities, their natural market withers.

Not man enough? Buy a gun

By Paul Waldman, Special to CNN

updated 7:52 AM EST, Fri December 21, 2012

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